Dyslexic advantage

The underdog, a person who is “expected” to lose. A person without obvious advantages. Either way it turns out that people without obvious advantages often succeed very well in life. Dyslexic is a typical example. There are lots of successful dyslexics. And that is exactly what we, The Underdog, want to highlight.

The public today sees dyslexia as something negative, something bad. People who have no idea of ​​how it really is to be dyslexic usually strangely have many opinions about this. The public has got a skewed and incorrect picture of what dyslexia means. An image that says that if you are dyslexic you cannot succeed with anything in life. That dyslexia does not give any advantage in life. But it is completely wrong. The Underdog will change these views and prejudices about dyslexia. And instead highlight the advantage of dyslexia.

Perception, knowledge and awareness are important because a dyslexic takes in information differently in comparison to non-dyslexics. This knowledge is important for every person to be able to use its advantage in the best way. Reports have shown that dyslexics have great advantage in creative problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking. Understanding each one’s advantage is important for children how they explore and learn new things. Likewise, for adults, find the right career and way to maximize the benefits of dyslexia.