Dyslexics learn and perceive information differently. Dyslexic thinking process information differently. This creative and “outside the box” thinking has created the world’s largest companies and brands, the world’s coolest and most important inventions and the world’s most famous art. Nevertheless, the public thinks that dyslexia is a major disadvantage.

We have heard many stories from dyslexics, including from one of the founders of The Undedog himself, who told us that the school was a nightmare. The school was not built up, and is still not built up for dyslexics and their way of thinking. This has to do with people in general, and teachers in particular, not having enough knowledge of dyslexia. The perception, awareness and knowledge of dyslexia must be improved.

Many dyslexic children and young people who are currently sitting at the school desk in school have poor self-confidence. This is because of what perception people have on dyslexia. This view must change. Now. And how do you change this? Our way to go is to feed in lots of self-confidence and positivism to these children and young people. We motivate and inspire them. We say that one day YOU can become one of the world’s most powerful people just as Steve Jobs became. One day you can become a rock star in the world’s greatest band, just like John Lennon. One day YOU can change our view of the world, just like Albert Einstein. One day, YOU can become a Hollywood star just like Keira Knightley and Jennifer Aniston.

Our goal is that as many dyslexics who are out in the world as possible become motivated, inspired and get an increased confidence. The content that we publish on our platforms and channels should generate a positive, powerful, cool and amazing feeling.

We are The Underdog. We highlight dyslexia.