Dyslexia motivation

Our main focus is to motivate and inspire dyslexics through mainly films and images. We believe that this way of creating and telling is the right way to go to motivate dyslexics around the world. We make interesting and inspiring content about dyslexia that is primarily directed towards dyslexics themselves, but of course also non-dyslexics. After all, about 10% of the world’s population is dyslexic, so in one way or another everyone has a connection to dyslexia.

Visual storytelling

One of the main reasons why The Underdog was created was because today’s story of dyslexia is not particularly interesting or fun to watch. It is often the same long films where a dyslexic is interviewed. The purpose of this is good, but it needs to be mixed with more fun and cooler content that motivates dyslexics and makes them proud. We try to fill this “void” by telling in a visual way. It can be through movie clips, pictures, music, text and quotes. This with a purpose. To motivate and inspire dyslexics every day. Making dyslexics proud. A dyslexic should proudly say: “I am dyslexic”.

Check out our Youtube channel

On our Youtube channel there are lots of movies about dyslexia. A category is called “Dyslexia motivation”. It is specifically for motivating dyslexics. Check it out!